Studio Lyn

We craft authentic brands for growing businesses that want to achieve more.

We’ve seen it all – the crowdsourced logos, the DIY websites, and the aimless posts on social media. Every business starts somewhere, but growth requires change.

We take a deeper approach that starts right at the root – who you are – and extracts the most effective ways to communicate with the people that will care most – your target audience. With a strong brand foundation and the tools to implement it consistently, you’ll have more control over the brand experience, instilling trust and building deep connections with your audience.

What we bring to work every day


Combining our creative lens with your industry expertise


Thoughtful problem-solving that reaps real results


Always working toward the next level of greatness


Forming long-term relationships to maximize marketing impact


Deliverables that bring you closer to your goals


A brand that you and your audience believe in

From the founder

Storytelling has always been at my core. I grew up writing poetry, choreographing dances, taking photos, and molding clay. Branding and marketing became one more medium through which I could tell impactful stories. My diverse background in graphic design, digital media, copywriting, and video production helps me fuse strategy and creativity into brand and web design.

When not building brands, I’m usually teaching or taking dance classes, spending time outdoors, or indulging in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Where did the name Studio Lyn come from?

I’ve spent a lot of my life in studios — dance studios, art studios, you name it. I have never been more myself than when I am in these spaces with the freedom to explore and create. I wanted my company to spark this same passion and authenticity that I seek for others in the branding process.

My best friend in high school nicknamed me “Lynnie” after a few years. No one else called me that, and no one else ever has. And considering how much we shared and how deeply she knew me, the name came to encapsulate her unique perception of me, akin to an audience member’s perception of a brand, molded by their individual experience.

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