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The use of social media in business is no longer optional. Companies use social media to interact with their audience, gather feedback, and draw in new prospective customers. Presence on social media also strengthens referral networks and promotes brand loyalty.

However, if you’re not talking to the right people, you’re wasting the time and effort you spend on posting and engaging. Here are a few ways to reach your target audience on social media.

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Identify your Target Audience

Knowing your audience will help you compile resources and develop messages that will be of interest to potential customers. But how do you narrow them down to a definable group that you can strategically target?

Start with your organization’s products or services and work backward to determine who will find them valuable. What benefits do your offerings provide? How do you help people accomplish their goals or make their lives better?

Now ask yourself what people are seeking these benefits. Consider demographics (age, location, income, etc.) and psychographics (interests, hobbies, lifestyle, etc.). If you’ve been in business for a while, you can analyze who you’ve already done business with and the types of people or companies you’ve enjoyed working with.

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If you’re having trouble identifying your target audience, we’d be happy to strategize with you. Send us a message to learn more about our brand strategy services.

Determine What Platforms Your Audience is On

Before diving into creating content, be aware of which social media platforms to employ for your intended audience. Different factors like age, interests, and goals can affect where your audience is hanging out online. 

You can find some general statistics with a little research. For example, most users on Instagram are Millennial or Gen Z. Pinterest is also known to be used primarily by women.

If you’re a B2B business, it’s important to establish your presence on LinkedIn where users focus on their business and professional goals.

By focusing on the platforms that your audience uses, you increase the chances of your brand being seen by the right people.

Engage Your Audience

There are numerous ways to encourage engagement from your audience on social media. First and foremost, talk about topics that interest them. Provide information that adds value while being relevant to what you offer.

You can also create content that naturally invites engagement. For example, you can share a snippet from a recent blog post, include the link in your bio, and encourage people to go read it. After all, one of the main benefits of social media is driving people to your website.

Keep your designs clear and consistent to make your brand appear polished and distinguishable. It’s easier for people to digest your content when you include lots of contrast and white space. Plus, when your posts visually tie back to your unique brand, people are more likely to remember you later and want to engage.

Before publishing your post, utilize hashtags, or searchable terms, in the caption to help you attract more users that will enjoy your content. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and the people who could benefit from your products or services.

At the end of the day, people do business with people, so don’t act like a robot on social media. Make sure to return engagement to your audience by responding to comments and engaging with other accounts. By establishing a relationship with your social media followers, they’ll feel an emotional connection to your brand and be more likely to engage.

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Listen to the Data

Keep an eye on your analytics, namely which posts perform well and receive more engagement than others. Some types of content will resonate with your target audience, while other content might not make them stop scrolling.

Once you detect patterns in your high-performing posts, you can create more of that content to increase your engagement overall.

Maintaining a social media presence is a great way to increase your audience since it gives more people the chance to learn more about your brand and services. Just make sure your content is getting seen by the people who matter.

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