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Your name doesn’t reflect your business

A clear sign that it’s time to rebrand is when your business has evolved from its original concept and the name no longer reflects your business. Your company’s name is often the first element that people notice about your brand identity — if it’s not accurately speaking to the essence of your business, you’re missing a critical chance to connect with your customers.

You have outdated colors, typography, or graphics

Just like fashion trends, the graphic design industry is constantly evolving. You’ll see a difference in how newer, more modern companies utilize design elements in their branding compared to those of decades past. While we don’t recommend “trendy” design, as it often doesn’t speak to your unique brand, we can help you modernize your identity to encapsulate your business today and where it is headed. Keeping your brand fresh will ensure you’re capitalizing on your desired clientele base and create renewed interest in your company.

Your business has expanded

As your business grows, so should your brand. If you started as a small local business and now have expanded geographically to other areas, it might be time to revisit your branding. The rebranding will allow you to capture more customers outside of a specific service area and expand your brand’s reach.

You’re not standing out among competitors

Is your brand getting lost within the industry? Are your competitors gaining market share with a stronger image and messaging? Going through the rebranding process can give your business a competitive edge and help you stand out from other brands in the industry.

We can help do a competitive analysis and understand how you can differentiate yourself with your company’s unique mission and practices. From color schemes to the tone of messaging, rebranding the right elements will help your business stand out and emphasize what makes it special. We find many of our clients gain more confidence and success once they refresh their brand.

You’re ready to raise your prices

If you’re struggling to raise your prices and increase the level of product or service you offer, rebranding might be the answer. Studies have shown that strong branding can have a positive impact on the ROI of your business. Customers are more likely to pay more to brands exhibiting sleek logos or marketing luxury offerings.

Well-developed brands have the ability to command higher prices, elevate their perception, and increase their reach. After all, you can’t expect customers to invest in your offerings if you don’t invest in your business yourself. With these benefits, the cost of rebranding often pays for itself in the long run.

Your branding isn’t consistent

It’s important to have clear guidelines and rules for your brand to appear unified and cohesive in all aspects of your marketing. If you have a playful tone on social media, but your website reads serious and professional, your audienceis likely confused about what your company’s all about. Creating style and messaging guidelines can help you stay consistent and aligned in your marketing.

You’re not attracting the right employee candidates

In the competition for top talent, companies with strong and desirable brands are more likely to attract the best employees. Studies show that candidates look for companies with a confident and relevant brand when applying for jobs.

Staying on top of demographic shifts related to your branding will help you stay relevant. For example, Gen Z’ers have expressed a strong desire to work for companies that are aligned with their personal beliefs and values. If your branding doesn’t reflect your company’s values, chances are you’ll have a tougher time finding candidates that are the right fit. Brands with a clear brand strategy will be able to hire and recruit top talent as they enter the job market.

Rebranding shows a commitment to your business and an investment in the customer experience. It can help refresh your look, make your marketing more effective, and take your business into new territories and to new heights.

Whether it’s a partial rebrand or a complete overhaul, you don’t have to do it alone. Our creative brand consulting team at Studio Lyn is your partner in branding. We’ll listen to your goals and help you achieve them throughout the rebranding process.

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